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Matthew isn’t someone who speaks in the third person so let me get that out of the way.

I build software and talk to people. Sometimes I make money from doing these things.

I’ve been building software since 2008 with a focus on web applications and APIs. I’ve also worked on FIX engines, flash games & ads, CBTs, and more. Aside from writing code I’ve also been involved in management, code reviews, design, UX, SDLC, devops, basic sysadmin work, and recruitment. In summary I’m a pretty neat guy.

I’m passionate about clean software design, bug reduction and tightening the feedback loop in all parts of the SDLC, be it through agile principles, continuous deployment, automated testing or improving the debugging process.

I’ve worked on systems with more than a million lines of code and have been part of a development team that grew ten times larger in four years. I have firsthand experience of both when things go right and when they go wrong in a fast growing enterprise. I’ve even done some of the things that went wrong!

I have years of experience in the full stack, from conception in photoshop through to DB tuning and server provisioning. Primarily though my hard skills lie in three key areas: writing code, system design, and database design. Whether it be applying DDD to the code, moving a monolith to services, implementing highly available and secure system designs from the entry point through a front end cache down to the queues and database access, or designing a database structure that simultaneously provides strong data guarantees and good performance, these are my domain.

I also happen to have hired dozens of software developers as well as a handful of QA staff, and been part of managing an IT team that was doubling in size every year. I’ve helped companies go from cowboy and custom bash deployment scripts to scrum, rich test suites, and continuous deployment, all without skimping on new features. I’ve implemented recruitment strategies that saw some of the brightest people within the PHP community joining my team.

I’ve worked with 15 year old code that’s so impenetrable and dense you would wonder if it’s just random characters at first. I’ve worked with code that’s written in Dutch, Spanish, and Chinese, all within the same file. I’ve also worked on the cutting edge, building financial graphing tools working with time series data that sees millions of hits per day, long before the latest TSDB technologies existed.

I’ve built websites that launched in eight countries and five languages, onboarding systems for just as many (and believe me, getting the right information according to each country’s local financial and privacy laws isn’t easy), software I’ve written has seen billions of pounds transacted through it.

And I did all of this with one arm tied behind my back. No but really I’m not too shabby at what I do.

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